Top 5 Best Aftermarket Steering Rack and Pinion for Your Car

Best Remanufactured Rack and Pinion

Top 5 Best Aftermarket Steering Rack and Pinion for Your Car: People tend to neglect their car’s steering system, as they think that it is made to last forever or at least, years before it needs maintenance and replacement. That’s the wrong mindset, though. The steering system, in this case, the steering rack and pinion, is also similar to other parts.

It is losing its performance and protection because of regular usage. In the end, it won’t work like what you want. In the worst cases, it can cause some accidents. For that reason, having a suitable replacement for the car’s rack and pinion is always a good idea. And, we already shortened the product you can try it below.

Best Aftermarket Steering Rack and Pinion

1) BuyAutoParts 80-00806AN New Power Steering Rack & Pinion for Toyota Tundra & Sequoia

The BuyAutoParts rack and pinion fit the category as one of the best aftermarket products for this part. This brand also is well-known for its high-quality and high-performance items. As for this power steering rack and pinion, it also has a superior design.

Thanks to this design, you won’t have any problem installing it. It doesn’t require master-level skills or knowledge about mechanical stuff. As long as you are used to car spare parts, you can use it.

It also has high durability. As it meets the OEM specifications, you also can expect the best and maybe better performance than the original part. Plus, its manufacturer also gives you a three-year and unlimited-mileage warranty. That shows how they believe that their product can last longer than you ever imagined.

In short, this is one of the best options you can take for a rack and pinion. Just remember that this product is only compatible with Toyota Tundra and Sequoia. If you have a car from different brands and models, you can find other products that we will mention next.

2) Cardone 22-1000 Remanufactured Domestic Power Rack and Pinion Unit

Next, we have a Cardone product. This one is the remanufacturer power rack and pinion unit. But, you don’t need to worry about its remanufactured status. It is not similar to refurbished. This one is a remade and upgraded version that has better performance and quality.

For that reason, the manufacturer has put it into several tests. It passed the hydraulic testing. The result shows that it has a proper flow and doesn’t show any leakage. And, its performance will give you the most satisfying result. In terms of quality, it stands on equal ground with the OEM parts.

However, Cardone doesn’t stop there. They also add extra features, which make it even better than the original rack and pinion. They use a special quad-bond process for this spare part. This process is necessary to keep the sleeves fixed in place. It won’t slip, which can reduce control and handling. Thanks to this unique design, you will get the performance, durability as well as the best safety feature on a steering rack and pinion.

3) Detroit Axle Complete Power Steering Rack & Pinion Assembly

This steering rack and pinion kit give you the best aftermarket parts to replace the old parts on your Chevy. As mentioned, it is suitable for 1999 to 2007 Chevy cars. Therefore, before you buy it, check the product fitment chart to find out whether your car is compatible with this item. If it is fit, you don’t have to hesitate to get it.

The manufacturer uses a new oil and lip seal on it. This addition allows it to provide better movement and a fixed position for the sleeves. Therefore, it also affects its whole performance, which becomes much better than the previous version.

It is easy to install. However, we recommend it to do that at the workshop, where you also can do some of the front-end alignment processes. It helps you to adjust it with your car OEM, so you will get smooth handling and better control once you installed it.

4) ACDelco 25957397 GM Original Equipment Steering Gear Assembly

ACDelco is a familiar name in the car spare parts market. This manufacturer has been around for years and producing so many high-quality products for different car models. Now, for the car steering rack and pinion, we have the ACDelco 25957397.

This rack and pinion is a perfect choice for you who want to convert the steering column’s rotation. It will make your steering system into a side-to-side motion. It helps you to control the tire movement much easier and smoother. Furthermore, this equipment is also backed by GM. So, any GM-manufactured car that you may have is compatible with this equipment.

In general, this product has everything that you need. Its durability meets the GM standard. The performance of this product allows you to improve your handling control. So, you will get nothing but the best from this piece of equipment.

5) Hex Autoparts Complete Power Steering Rack & Pinion Assembly

Last but not least, we have the Hex Autoparts product. Once again, this product is not an item for all cars. You can only use it on Toyota Sequoia and Tundra, especially those that were released between 2001 and 2006. Now, let’s take a look at its quality.

First of all, this unit has been going through various tests to control its quality and performance. And, it did pass those entire tests. This steering rack and pinion have the best quality and performance, which exceed the OEM specification. Therefore, after you install it on your car, you can feel a significant improvement in handling. It feels much smoother. It is also easy to control.


Those five products are guaranteed the best steering rack and pinion you can find on the market today. You won’t get disappointed when you use and choose one of them for your car. Get ready for better handling and control. And, enjoy the best ride that you ever experienced before.

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