Best Car Batteries

Best Car Batteries

Many car owners are worried when the cold weather or season is coming. The cold temperature often brings many problems to the car. One of them is the battery problem. When the temperature drops, the chemical substance inside the car battery also is unable to work at its best capability. Therefore, the power it produces feels much sluggish than other seasons. However, we have found several products that can withstand this condition. So, we hope, this product will help you to enjoy the powerful battery during the winter.

1) Optima RedTop 34 Car Battery
Best Car Batteries

Optima is a famous name in the car battery industry. This company made a lot of products with top performance. One of them is the Redtop 34. This is one of the three types of cold weather car batteries you can find from this brand. The other two are YellowTop and BlueTop.

The RedTop 34 is a good choice for starting engine purposes. It can monitor the charge and current change, and provide the energy that your car needs. However, you also can use this battery for powering your audio system or any features that require electrical power in your car. It uses the SpiralCell design that creates more and stable power for your car. Therefore, even though you drive in the cold weather, the car energy supply won’t be affected too much.

It also has a larger reserve capacity. Thanks to this design, you can sit it idle for a long time, and you can still use it at its best performance. The longer lifespan, powerful energy supply, and compact design are everything that you need for welcoming this year’s cold weather.

2) Kinetik HC1200-BLU Black lead Car battery

Best Car Batteries

As for the next entry, we have a product by Kinetik. Kinetik is also one of the famous players in the car battery market. They have many breakthroughs with their innovative product that uses the latest technology. The HC1200-BLU holds the reputation for its powerful and big capacity. With the 1200W of power, you can use this battery to power up everything that you have in your car.

This car battery is also suitable for the modified audio system. For example, if you add a more powerful subwoofer or amplifier for your car audio, you will get stable and enough power to keep it scream at its maximum performance.

The easy to install as well as its size also is more convenient. You can use it as the secondary battery or goes all the way by changing your main car battery with this one. Moreover, it also has Advanced AGM Technology in it. It gives this car battery more resistance against extreme conditions when you drive it, especially in the cold weather.

3) Optima YellowTop D34 Car Battery

Best Car Batteries

Here, we have another Optima car battery. This one, we recommend you to try the YellowTop D34 car battery. As we mentioned earlier, this type is one of the three batteries for a car you can find in the Optima line of products. This car battery is the best choice if your car has a high load of energy. For example, if your car uses an electrical system on almost all its features, like door opening system, audio system, and other, this battery is your choice.

Of course, its ability and performance is also a perfect couple for you who need a constant power supply for your high-tech audio system. Use this car battery and guarantee you won’t ever hear any wobble in its sound.

Like other Optima car batteries, YellowTop D34 also uses SpiralCell Technology. This technology provides a higher durability for extreme conditions, including the cold weather that you are worried about.

4) Exide Edge FP-AGM78 Car Battery

Best Car Batteries

Exide made Edge FP-AGM78 for one purpose. This car battery exists to tackle the heavy loads of energy in your car. To make this purpose come true, Exide expands this car battery capacity. It is now huge enough to provide a stable energy supply for high Watt amp and extra features on the side. You can compare it with other car batteries on the market. You will find how big their difference is.

Another point to notice is the AGM construction. The Absorbed Glass Mat design, plus the SureLife Graphite keep it safe under the heavy pressure of usage. It means the cold weather won’t also be affecting this car battery performance. Furthermore, this design also maximizes the energy capacity, which allows this car battery to perform at the highest level for much longer.

Moreover, this product also has passed the automotive stress test at the highest level. So, you don’t need to question its durability.


Best Car Batteries

Last but not least, we have the NORTHSTAR product. This car battery, the NSB-AGM94R, is the Engine Start Batteries. However, it has a big capacity, which also makes it a perfect choice for an extra boost on your car’s electrical system. Or, you can replace your car’s main battery with this one to get better performance. Because of its powerful performance, many people use it for a car that has a heavy electrical load, such as sports cars or off-road cars.

This product also uses Pure Lead AGM Technology to build the battery cell. This technology received CCA ratings with the best score. It means that this battery doesn’t only have a big reserve capacity. But, it also has a better cycling ability to restore and refill that reserved energy. Furthermore, AGM technology also gives it faster recharge time than the standard car batteries you can find on the market today. It is useful for starting the engine, plus extra energy when your audio system needs more for louder sound.


The key to finding the car battery for cold weather is its reserve capacity and its power. And, those five have them all. For that reason, you don’t have to be bothered or confused about which car battery you should use for this winter. You choose one of the products we explained above, and everything will be okay.

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