Who Makes the Best Aftermarket Brake Caliper?

who makes the best aftermarket brake caliper

Who Makes the Best Aftermarket Brake Caliper? The brake system is an essential part of any vehicle, both for its safety and its performance. Although most motorists will be satisfied with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brake calipers, certain enthusiasts and professionals prefer aftermarket brake calipers due to their superior performance and adaptability. This article delves into “Who Makes the Best Aftermarket Brake Caliper?”


When it comes to high-performance brake components, the name Brembo is synonymous with excellence. Brembo has a long history of supplying braking systems to multiple racing disciplines, and as a result, their aftermarket brake calipers are often regarded as among the best available.

Their calipers are often made of light, long-lasting materials like aluminum, and they use cutting-edge technologies to guarantee top performance and heat dissipation. When it comes to stopping power and accuracy, Brembo brakes are the ones most often chosen by vehicle aficionados.

Wilwood Engineering:

Wilwood Engineering is another industry leader in the production of replacement brake calipers. Wilwood offers a wide variety of caliper alternatives for different cars and driving styles, and they are especially well-known for their high performance and racing applications.

Their calipers are built to last and are equipped with cutting-edge technologies like numerous pistons and brake balancing adjustments to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Motorsport fans often choose Wilwood brake calipers because of their reliability even in the harshest environments.

AP Racing

When it comes to producing high-quality brake systems, AP Racing is a household name in the motorsports industry. Their aftermarket brake calipers are lauded for their superior functionality, dependability, and engineering accuracy.

The widespread usage of AP Racing calipers in professional racing events is a testament to their durability at high temperatures and reliability in stopping power. Many high-performance car owners prefer AP Racing brake calipers for use on the track or when driving aggressively on public roads.


StopTech, a division of Centric Parts, is a reputable provider of replacement brakes. They supply a wide variety of high-performance brake calipers that are aimed at enhancing braking efficiency.

StopTech calipers are built to last and are designed with cutting-edge features like internal fluid passageways and strengthening ribs. StopTech brake calipers are favored by enthusiasts because they are an improvement above standard parts in both performance and durability.

Power Stop:

Power Stop is well-known for its aftermarket calipers, which are both inexpensive and of great quality. Their brake calipers are built to last and function better than the original equipment they replaced.

Power Stop brake calipers are put through extensive testing to guarantee that they always perform as expected and last for a long time. They are an economical and dependable alternative for drivers shopping for aftermarket brake calipers.


Several companies specialize in making high-quality aftermarket brake calipers that boost vehicle efficiency and safety. Brake systems from industry leaders like Brembo, Wilwood Engineering, AP Racing, StopTech, and Power Stop provide drivers with a wide variety of alternatives.

When shopping for the best aftermarket brake calipers, it’s important to take into account your driving habits, the specifications of your car, and your financial constraints. No matter what brand you go with, remember that professional installation and frequent maintenance are essential for peak performance and safety.

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