Top 5 Best Clutch and Brake Pedal Locks

Clutch and Brake Pedal Locks

Top 5 Best Clutch and Brake Pedal Locks: Every car has safety features. It protects against many unwanted situations. Most of these features use the latest technology. However, it doesn’t mean it will prevent all crimes. Car thieves today have found many methods to bypass this feature. Therefore, it is not wrong to add extra protection to your car. One of them is using the clutch and brake pedal locks.

It is an analog and traditional car protection tool. But, it is very effective. Fortunately, you can still find this product in the store. There are many of them and we have already chosen the best five among them. Here they are.

Best Clutch and Brake Pedal Locks

1) The Club CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock

This bright red lock is our first recommendation. Its design keeps the steering and pedal safer by locking its position. Once you put this lock on your car, it is impossible to steer or stop because of this feature. The bright red color is also easy to notice. Thanks to this color, you also can easily find it when you want to lock your car in the middle of the night.

This lock also has a special-designed feature that you won’t find on other products. This design is the one pull design. So, when you are going to unlock and remove it, you can do it by simply pulling it out with one movement. It saves your time and is easy to use. Furthermore, this lock is compatible with many types of cars, SUV, and truck models.

It uses tempered steel construction material. This material is very durable and not easy to break and damage. To secure its lock, you will get 2 keys. This lock is a perfect choice for you who want to add more security to your vehicle.

2) Unelko Anti-Theft Device Pedal Jack Brake Lock Security System

Unelko lock system is another top product you can find on the market today. As this brand claimed, this is the ultimate anti-theft device you can use on your car, truck, or other vehicles that are compatible with it. By looking at its design, we can say it has a firm design that secures the brake pedal. It not only locks but also blocks it, so someone can’t use it.

Unelko uses heavy-duty tempered steel to build the main body and each component on this lock. Furthermore, this material also has been electrically heat-treated to create better strength against any effort to break or damage it. This process also gives it another property, which is saw-proof as well as Freon fracture-proof, which is the latest method that car thieves use a lot to destroy the car lock.

Moreover, you will get 3 keys to operate it. These keys also have a design that is impossible to duplicate. So, performance and safety features are top-notch.

3) Bullock 011/146162 Anti-Theft Defender Excellence Model X

A car lock should be able to withstand any kind’s condition and effort to unlock or break it without the normal unlocking method, which is using a key to open it. Bullock seems to put those ideas strongly on this anti-theft vehicle lock. Thus, they add so many features that improve this lock’s durability and ability to prevent any damage.

It uses tempered carbonitride steel, which is known for its durability. This material also gives it a drill-resistant feature. Furthermore, they also use galvanization to protect it against rust. Additionally, it also has epoxy powder coatings which improve its anti-rust property strength.

They didn’t stop on that. Bullock also installs a Seeger ring on it. This ring will prevent the thief from removing the cylinder part which makes it easy to unlock. In short, this lock has everything that you need to keep it lock your car until you open it. No need to worry anymore about car thieves.

4) Motorhot Universal Brake Pedal Clutch Clamp Lock Adjustable Anti-Theft Device Security Lock

Motorhot is one of the old players in this industry. They have been around for more than 10 years providing so many amazing aftermarket spare parts and tools for vehicles. This security lock is one of them.

They use the clutch clamp design, which is also adjustable, to provide the locking mechanism on the vehicle brake pedal. This design also makes it easy to use. Put it on the brake pedal, lock, and done. You have secured your vehicle with an additional safety device.

To prevent damage or other efforts to unlock it forcefully, Motorhot also chooses the best material to build this lock. It uses iron with a specific tempering process, which makes it even sturdier and more durable for a long time. Because of this material, this lock also has a heavier weight compared to others. It weighs around 2 kg (4.4 lbs), which makes it even safer to use.

You also get the 2 keys with a unique design for safety. It is difficult to duplicate and has a pick-proof feature. These are all necessary if you want to protect your car.

5) Honhill Pedal Lock 8 Holes Design Stainless Steel Clutch Lock Silvery Auto Brake Lock

Last but not least, we have an Honhill pedal lock. As you can see from its name, this lock is made for locking the pedal, especially the brake pedal which is easier to keep your car safe. It has a compact size, which is only 11.8 x 9.8 x 1.6 inches. However, you still need to check and measure the room under your car pedal, to know whether that size is enough in that space.

The 8 holes feature also gives you more flexibility to adjust it to match your needs. Furthermore, it also uses hard steel construction, which is difficult to break. You also get 3 keys with a unique key design for more protection.


All those car locks are the best that you can find on the market. They have top performance and strong construction, which are necessary elements of a car lock. Now, pick the lock that you need and protect your car against car thieves.

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