Best Seat Covers for Silverado

Best Seat Covers for Silverado

If you own a Chevrolet Silverado, or you are about to buy one, it is essential to buy seat covers to protect your seats from damage. So many things can lead to the rapid wear and tear of your car seats. That is why you should ensure you look for the best seat covers for Silverado.

A great seat cover not only protects the factory seats from damage, but also makes them look appealing. The construction material of the covers should be of premium quality to ensure durability.

Before you buy any seat cover, you must have an idea of what will work for your truck. Also, you should know the credibility of the manufacturing company to ensure you get the best covers. To help you find the best seat covers for your vehicle, we have rounded up our top four picks. Read on to find out what will work best for you.

The car seat covers we will look at are as follows:

  • Fia NP98-31 GRAY
  • Coverking CSC2PD01CH9628
  • Covercraft GTC1239ABCABN
  • Covercraft SS3374PCCH

    Fia NP98-31 GRAY

    When it comes to selecting seat covers, everyone wants the best. You can never go wrong with Fia NP98-31 GRAY because you get exactly what you are looking for.

    The material that makes these seat covers is of the highest quality, which is Neoprene face fabric. It is very strongto ensure durability and longevity. Also, it is waterproof to protect your seats from water accidents and spillages. The covers have UV protection to ensure that UV rays do not damage them.

    These seat covers are very comfortable to make sure you enjoy your ride at all times. They are padded for extra comfort and maximum insulation when the weather is freezing.

    Installing these seat covers is easy. They feature easy on and off quick-release buckles for easy installation. Also, the non-slipping design with a super-grip installation system can install the covers within a few minutes without any tools.

    These covers are hand washable, making them easy to clean. Air drying them is recommended to ensure they do not get damaged. These covers include headrest covers, console covers, airbag cutouts, and armrest covers in case you need them.

    Key features

    • Waterproof neoprene face material laminated with a poly outer shell that is also water-resistant
    • Are padded for additional comfort
    • Offer full UV protection
    • Feature easy on/off quick-release buckles
    • Hand washable and air dryable
    • Non-slipping fit plus super-grip installation
    • Easy to install without the need for installation tools
    • Limited two-year warranty
    • Custom-fit for your Silverado
    • Available in gray color with black side panels
    • Customized seat belt opening for added safety

      Coverking CSC2PD01CH9628

      Are you looking for the perfect seat covers for your vehicle? These Coverking CSC2PD01CH9628 Neosupreme seat covers will be a perfect choice. They have been upgraded to feature printed series that make them very outstanding.

      If you are a racing enthusiast, the carbon fiber or chrome diamond print is available and waiting for you. These seat covers are very versatile and will immediately match your vehicle’s interior design and theme.

      The Coverking CSC2PD01CH9628 covers feature a synthetic polyester construction that is ultra-soft and durable. The material is stain-resistant and water-resistant to protect your seats from damage. Also, this material is ultra-strong to give your car seats optimal protection.

      Most low-end seat covers tend to rot because of the low-quality materials that manufacturers use. However, for the Coverking CSC2PD01CH9628 seat covers, you are assured of quality because you will get UV-treated seats. This protects them from fading and ensures the sets are safe from rotting, stains, and mildew.

      If you are looking for comfort, these seat covers will give you exactly that. They feature soft cushioned insulation construction that ensures maximum comfort when driving or resting in your car. The consoles are also covered for added warmth and comfort. So, you will be safe during freezing weather and during heavy rains.

      The ease of installation of these covers is on another level. You will not require any tools for the installation. It only takes minutes to install all the covers for all your seats. So, you will be set to go much sooner than you expect. They fit perfectly, making your vehicle look incredibly beautiful.

      If you spill food or drinks on the seat covers by accident, there is no need to worry. These covers are waterproof and spillage proof to protect your factory seats from such accidents. Also, you can hand wash and air-dry the covers with ease when they become dirty. This ensures you stay in a clean environment whenever you are driving.

      Key features

      • Installs with ease for a snug fit
      • Feature high-end Neosupreme material for durability and longevity
      • Custom manufactured to fit all your needs.
      • Soft cushioned for maximum insulation.
      • Feature Carbon Fiber, Chrome Diamond, and Houndstooth designs
      • Are UV light treated for protection against fading
      • Are resistant to rotting, stains, and mildew
      • Come in front, middle, and back seat covers.
      • Easy to maintain. Are hand washable and air dryable
      • One-year limited warranty

        Covercraft GTC1239ABCABN

        If you are looking for the best seat covers to protect your factory seats from the damaging effects of oil, food, mud, grease, dirt, and water, Covercraft GTC1239ABCABN is the best pick. With these seat covers, you will no longer worry about damaging your car seats with pollutants.

        These seat covers are very tough and feature firm-hand Carhartt duck weave fabric. The main seams are double stitched to bolster the covers and make them last longer. The design and sturdy construction of these seats will give you many years of seamless service.

        Also, the construction material is highly resistant to water. So, your seats will be safe from all forms of liquids and other pollutants. The heavy-duty duck weave material is breathable to allow perfect aeration and reduce stuffiness in the covers and car. It is resistant to Ultra Violet rays that lead to fast wear and tear.

        The Covercraft GTC1239ABCABN precision fit covers hug your car seats like gloves. They perfectly conform to the shape of your car seats without any protrusions. Once you fit them on to your vehicle’s seats, you will never wish to take them off again.

        These seat covers have a foam backing for added comfort, and to ensure you have an enjoyable and comfortable ride. They also feature back pockets for organization and storing small gadgets. These car seat covers come with map pockets, armrests, console covers, headrests, and airbag cutouts if applicable to your vehicle.

        Since you have to clean your car seat covers regularly, these Covercraft GTC1239ABCABN are effortless to clean. You can use mild cleaner and warm water and within minutes, your seat covers will be as good as new.

        When it comes to the installation of the seat covers, you will not need any tools. They are easy and fast to install. Since they are perfect fits for your factory car seats, you will install them within a few minutes and without a hassle.

        Key features

        • Heavy-duty breathable duck weave material
        • Resistant to ultraviolet rays
        • Feature overlapped and double stitched seams
        • Easy to clean with warm water and a mild cleaner
        • Foam-backed for added comfort
        • Water-resistant
        • Feature classic Covercraft Carhartt styling
        • Have pockets on the back of front seat covers
        • Feature a hidden seat airbag for safety
        • Custom made for a tight fit.
        • Limited three-year warranty

          Covercraft SS3374PCCH

          These Covercraft SS3374PCCH car seat covers are ideal for your front seats, second seats, and third seats. These seat covers will retain the newness and quality of your factory seats for years. With these covers, you will no longer worry about spillages and other pollutants like oil and grease. You also will protect your car seats from general wear and tear, scratches from dogs, grime and sun.

          The installation of these seat covers is easy and straightforward. Since they are tailored to fit your car seats’ size and shape perfectly, you will not have a problem installing them. You can use pass-though hooks or hook and loop fasteners to install the covers and secure them in place. You do not need fancy tool s for the installation.

          In case you spill food, oil-water, or anything that will make the covers look dirty and appealing, you can clean them easily with a machine. This makes it easy to clean the covers because you can easily throw them into your washer and drier and put them back on your seats.

          These seat covers’ polycotton fabric is breathable and protected with a spray-on durable water repellency finish (DWR). This Spray blocks out accidents and spillages from damaging your car seats. The breathable seat saver becomes softer and more absorbent after each wash. So, the DWR is essential for added protection.

          Also, the covers become more and more comfortable after every wash because the fabric becomes softer. So, you will always have a comfortable and enjoyable ride whenever you use your vehicle.  Although the material becomes softer and more breathable, this does not compromise your covers’ strength and tear resistance.

          Key features

          • Feature a heavy-duty breathable polycotton material
          • Easy to slip on/off for ease of installation
          • Resistant to UV rays to protect the factory seats as well as the construction material
          • Washer and dryer safe for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
          • Overlapped and double-stitched seams for utmost strength and add tear resistance
          • Front seats include an efficient built-in map pocket.
          • Easy to install without using any fancy tools
          • Breathable for comfort to prevent the sticky feeling
          • Are custom fits to conform to the contours of your car seats
          • Durable and long-lasting
          • Limited one-year warranty

            Buying Guide for the Best Seat Covers for Silverado

            When driving, you need to feel comfortable to stay safe and focus on the road. For this reason, you must have car seats that feel comfortable and offer optimal support. However, due to many damaging effects, your car seats may start to wear and tear faster than you expected. This will call for the installation of a new seat over time.

            There is a way to protect your car seats from wear and tear to avoid spending more on new installations. Also, if you happen to install new seats, you would not want to expose them to pollutants and spillages that hasten their wear and tear. By installing seat covers on your factory seats, you will protect the seats and save money in the long run.

            The following guide will help you find the Best Seat Covers for Silverado.

            1.       Construction material

            Before you head out to buy seat covers for your Silverado, you must ensure you know what it is made of. Usually, seat covers come in different materials. Some of these materials are low-grade, while others are of premium quality. So, it is essential to know what kind of material your seat covers features before you buy them.

            To easily select the best material, you should ask yourself whether you want comfortable seats or ones that have a great aesthetic appeal. Also, decide whether you want optimal protection for your seats and whether you want breathable seat covers.  Once you answer these questions one by one, you will know what to look for.

            2.       Custom-fit or not

            When selecting seat covers, another important aspect to consider is whether they are custom fits or not. It is essential to buy seat covers that give your seats a snug fit. This is because covers that are too big will look loose and ugly. Also, they will not offer optimal protection. Besides, you will not feel comfortable while sitting on them.

            On the other hand, too tight covers will not fit well as they will leave some areas uncovered. This will not offer much protection to your seats, besides looking ugly as well.

            That is why you need tailored seat covers that will perfectly fit your vehicle seats. Some manufacturers will ask for your vehicle model number and manufacture custom car seat covers for you.

            Also, if you need customized seats from a certain designer, make sure you take correct measurements of your car seats. This will help the designer to design the covers with the exact measurements.

          3.       Color and practicality

          The color of the car seat covers matters a lot. Bright colors get dirty easily because the stains and spillages are more pronounced. So, you will be forced to clean them every other day.

          Darker colors may not show dirt fast, but they absorb a lot of heat. So, they are not suitable for sunny days.

          At this point, you may feel confused as to which color will be best for your car. The best thing to do is to select a color that will be practical to the conditions you drive in. Whatever color you choose, you must ensure it will be suitable for you and comfortable during any weather.

          When it comes to aesthetics, you should select a color that matches your car’s interiors for uniformity. Besides protecting your seats, selecting matching seat covers for your car will make it beautiful and appealing.

          4.       Price

          Different types of seat covers come at different prices. So, the material used to design the cover will dictate its price. When selecting seat covers do not let the cost mislead you because the price is not always inversely proportional to the quality.

          The best thing to do is set your budget and look for seat covers that will fall in your range. This way, you will have found the best covers for the money you have.

          If you are willing to spend, ensure you look for the best offers and check whether the quality matches the stated price.

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