Waiting for Best Aftermarket Front Bumper/Grille for 2021 BMW M3?

Aftermarket Front Bumper/Grille for BMW M3

Aftermarket Front Bumper/Grille for BMW M3: The 2021 BMW M3 is finally here after much speculation about possible redesigns and facelifts. Upon confirmation of the new look, there has been considerable debate among owners and fans. One area that has garnered particular attention and divided opinion most keenly is the front bumper and grille designs. It seems the iconic “kidney” grille design has gone vertical!

With opinions split down the middle, it seems that while many will love their 2021 BMW M3 as it is, there will be a significant portion of owners who seek to replace the bumper and grille with an aftermarket product. The question is, then, which bumper should an owner go for?

Aftermarket Products

The good news is that like many other BMW designs, the new M3 will be compatible with an abundance of aftermarket options. Those who don’t like the OEM design will certainly have the chance to replace the front number and grille with alternatives that better suit their taste and personality. A 2021 BMW M3 will represent a significant investment for anyone, so it seems quite rational and reasonable that every driver should hope the car can perfectly reflect themselves.

The bad news is that given how new the design for the M3 is at the front end, currently, there are no available aftermarket parts ready to go. Any major change to a product means that the aftermarket sector needs time to catch up. Given the lucrative nature of the aftermarket car parts market, however, buyers should expect products for the new design to emerge relatively quickly.

Keep one eye on our page for upcoming market updates. We will publish as soon as quality bumper and grille parts are available for the M3.

Why is it Controversial?

When you reflect on companies with a long history of product development like BMW, you may wonder why anyone is surprised at a new car showing off design changes. This is neither the first time BMW has made a big change to its design nor will it likely be the last time. Should we expect 10 years from now that a new BMW will be controversial because this new M3 design has been changed into something else?

On the plus side, the controversy is good for BMW because it draws maximum attention to their new vehicle. The new design adds a sense of power and dynamism to the M3, which is good because all the ‘M’ models are supposed to be greater incarnations of the regular number series they follow. A new design reflects the power (up to 503hp) and athletic racetrack feel of the M3.

Others, on the other hand, may feel that the new bumper and grille design looks a little clumsy. They perhaps preferred when their M-series BMW was understated in looks, but delivered in performance. A major change is always going to feel strange to the eye when it has become accustomed to something else.

Playing the Waiting Game

At this point, fans of the M3 wanting aftermarket solutions will have to continue to be patient. We will, of course, update our community immediately when the first quality aftermarket bumpers and grilles for the 2021 BMW M3 become available. Watch this space!

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