Trouble Code P0014: Camshaft Position B – Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1)

Car Code P0014

Car Code P0014: The internal combustion engine has several things happening in it very quickly. It depends on the right amount of air and fuel intake at the appropriate timing in order to have a successful combustion process and generate the power needed to meet the acceleration demands of the driver. It must also release exhaust fumes at the appropriate time as well.

The engine depends on its exhaust valve and intake valve to open and close at the appropriate times. This task is performed with the help of the variable valve timing system. As long as the timing of these actions is spot on, then it’ll mean better engine performance and fuel economy.

The camshaft needs to spin to open the exhaust valve and intake valve. Sometimes there are separate camshafts per engine cylinder or one camshaft for all the cylinders. The engine control unit is what controls the camshaft timing and movement, based on the information it receives from other sensors in the vehicle.

If the camshaft timing is ever advanced more than what the engine control unit permitted, then it could lead to a series of symptoms and issues in the vehicle. The “Check Engine” light will turn on to indicate a problem exists somewhere in the engine, but you won’t know exactly where yet.

Other symptoms that follow include a hard-starting engine because the camshaft cannot get out of its advanced position. Either that or the camshaft is in the wrong position, causing more fuel to be consumed by the engine. And if you bring your vehicle for an emissions test, it’ll likely fail.

With all of these issues present, you’ll need to run a diagnostic scan on the powertrain control module to determine the root cause of them all. If you receive trouble code P0014 on the display screen, then it means camshaft position B has over-advanced timing in bank 1.

There are a couple of possible causes for why this problem occurs. The engine oil might be too thick and it’s clogging up the camshaft phasers to prevent oil flow. Maybe the camshaft phaser itself cannot get out of its advanced position because it’s stuck. The oil control solenoid valve in bank 1 could be stuck open too.

Only a trained mechanic can diagnose the cause and fix it, so don’t try to do it yourself.


What does the car code P0014 mean?

Car Code P0014 refers to a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) that indicates an issue with the camshaft position timing in Bank 1, specifically related to the exhaust camshaft.

What are the symptoms of a P0014 code?

Common symptoms of a P0014 code may include rough idling, reduced engine performance, decreased fuel efficiency, stalling or hesitation while driving, and the illumination of the Check Engine Light on the dashboard.

What causes the P0014 code to be triggered?

The P0014 code is often triggered by a malfunction in the camshaft timing system. Problems with the camshaft position sensor, the variable valve timing (VVT) solenoid, the timing chain or belt, the oil flow in the engine, or the engine control module (ECM) can all contribute to this issue.

Is it safe to keep driving with a P0014 error?

If you get a P0014 code, you should probably fix the underlying problem before continuing to drive. If the issue is ignored, it could worsen to the point where the engine stops working altogether. A professional mechanic should inspect the vehicle and determine the cause of the problem.

What causes a P0014 code and how is it identified?

A P0014 code diagnosis often involves retrieving the code using an OBD-II scanner and then inspecting the vehicle for other issues. The reason for the code may be located by having a mechanic check the camshaft position sensor, VVT solenoid, timing chain, timing belt, and engine oil system.

What causes a P0014 error?

Fixing a P0014 code requires determining the root cause. Possible fixes include resetting or replacing the ECM, repairing or replacing the VVT solenoid, fixing the timing chain or belt, fixing the engine oil flow, and so on. A competent mechanic should inspect the damage and fix it.

How much will it set you back to fix a P0014 error?

The price tag on fixing a car with the P0014 code can swing widely, depending on factors including the vehicle’s make and model, the severity of the problem, and the local rate of pay for auto mechanics. To get a reliable estimate of the cost of repairs, it is best to talk to a service center or mechanic.

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